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My Current Offerings


Monthly Dance and Yoga Workshops

At Various Northern Colorado Studios

Donation Based Classes Offered


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These hour-long classes serve as a space for exploration of movement.

Throughout class I will guide you through a gentle awakening of mind, body and spirit. This uniquely curated hour will serve as a place for your mind to rest, while your body moves to release stored/stagnant

emotion and energy.


By incorporating elements of yoga, Nia, breath-work, meditation, GaGa Dance, and contemporary dance, this class will enliven your senses, unite you with community, inspire mindfulness and shower your body with

We will rotate through a variety of improvisation exercises, including partner improv, group improv and flow tool exploration

This class is for the curious minded mover of any level. 

Bring your bare feet, open hearts and comfiest athletic attire. Let's flow!


My Movement Journey

Fiona is a Colorado local with a passion for the arts and creating community. She identifies as a movement artist and yoga instructor. She grew up dancing at Studio West Dance Center here in Fort Collins, and after taking a step back from the competitive dance world, found her passion reignited with the exploration of various movement styles. Along with dance, Fiona has studied movement styles including Nia, freestyle forms such as breaking and has completed 200 hour yoga teacher training. Among the many styles of dance she has trained in, Fio feels most passionate about contemporary, industry hip hop and freestyle.


Fiona, or Fio, is all about authenticity and cultivating an environment to foster self-love and expression. She strives to inspire movement that fuels confidence, health and feels true to you!


Childhood - Adolesence

Competitive Dance

I grew up in the competitive dance world where we spent most of our hours after school at the studio. I am so grateful for this chapter of deep diving into multiple performance dance styles and for the on stage experiences it brought me. 

High School

Taking a Step Back

After years of dedicating myself to the studio and my craft, I walked away from the competition team. Although it was one of the hardest decision I had to make at this point of my life, I now believe it was one of the most transformative. Shifting my focus from judges and judgments, what I looked like and what size my body was allowed me to dance for the somatic, spiritual and emotional reasons I fell in love with the art in the first place.

High School & Early Adulthood


With the extra time granted from letting go of competition dance, I was lucky enough to get my 200hr yoga teacher training. I became inthralled with the accessibility paired with challenge that came from yoga. This training opened a new door for me within my spiritual view and practice. When I went to India as a 18 year old, yoga and intuitive dance saved me in some very challenging times. 

High School & Early Adulthood

Breaking & Freestyle Dance 

After returning from nearly 6 months in Asia, I met a local freestyle group. This sparked a new level of love for dance expression. I learned, and am still learning, so much about foundational styles and the history of hip hop. I trained and trained and found joy in the learning curve. I entered my first breaking battle in the winter of 2021 alongside my now partner and best friend. I then taught multiple classes of adult hip hop at Impulse for about a year and fell completely in love with teaching again.

Living in Hawaii

Movement Exploration

In the early months of 2023, my partner and I relocated to Oahu, Hawaii where we dipped our toes in the breaking scene in Honolulu and did a nourishing work trade on a small farm. We taught dance and yoga classes on a non-profit farm nearby. 

Here I began birthing the classes I now teach, Flow and Soulful Sequences. These classes are a culmination of my favorite aspects of the various movement styles I have trained and explored in. 

I began playing with flow tools and found how they gently encourage play and new movement. I am in the midst of inspiration and evolving this curiosity based class and would be HONORED if you joined in on the journey.

This is just the beginning....

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