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Fiona Rose Creations


Get to know me!

Hi there! My name is Fiona Rose or Fio. I am a Colorado local with a passion for the arts and cultivating community. When I was asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I routinely responded with a monologue of various jobs and lifestyles including (but certainly not limited to)...

Mountain Climber, Baby Doctor, Ballerina, Airplane Pilot, etc.

You could say in some ways, I lived up to the dream! I am grateful to say I live a very full and diverse life, decorated with many loving people with my passions at the core of it all. Fiona Rose Creations is the umbrella over all of my heart projects.

I, alongside many wise women, offer sacred feminine weekly gatherings and retreats that inspire and empower.

Through creative portrait photography I capture the essence of my clients' vision and tell their unique story. I love to assist in the journey of self love.

In addition to photography and digital art, I am also a movement artist. I have been dancing for the majority of my life and have been teaching dance and yoga for multiple years now! I offer a variety of movement classes that encourage self-expression and body positivity.

This little corner of the internet is a space where we celebrate creativity, diversity, and connection. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and I would be honored to help you share it!

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