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Bi-Weekly Women's Gatherings 
-women's bodies, women's wisdom-



Sacred Feminine weekly circles are intended to cultivate safe space for community. 

To inspire vulnerability and sisterhood. 

To encourage connection and healing. 


Together we breath in love and support, and exhale gratitude into the world around us. 

We arrive fully here, in the now. 

To say what we though we would never find the words for. 

To dance! To laugh!

To play and pray. 

Society at large is like a symphony; with various instrumental sections working together to create the music of life.

Once in a while, the trumpets or percussion section must hold a private rehearsal; to tune up to one another and be sure they are on the same page. 

We are the violins. 

This is our time to reconnect to one another, to become more in tune with our magic sound, so that we can return - side by side and hand in hand - and rejoin the symphony in perfect harmony.


We gather every other Wednesday
from 6-8pm
in Laporte, CO.


Monthly Orchard Outings

☼This magic filled evening is the perfect reset and cleanse ☼

Once a month, join us by the creek for a sound journey guided meditation, followed by a wood stove sauna and cold plunge.


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